Resistance thermometer for sanitary applications

Klingenberg, October 2011.

Klingenberg, October 2011.
The TR21 and TR22 series resistance thermometers, direct-mounted or with a thermowell, can be integrated into all standard processes. The quality of their hygienic design is verified by 3-A auditing and EHEDG certification.

The compact TR21 is characterised by its space-saving design and quick electrical connection. As output signals Pt100 or 4...20 mA are available via a PC-programmable transmitter. The TR21 series cases are available with IP68 and 69k protection.

With the TR22, the user can choose between all common standard signals, such as Pt100, 4...20 mA, HART® protocol, Foundation™ Fieldbus and PROFIBUS® PA output. The thermometer can be mounted flexibly, due to its rotatable connection head. The combination of thermometer and thermowell enables calibration and maintenance of the measuring instrument without opening the process.

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Key words: Resistance thermometer, hygienic design

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