Code of Conduct of the ZVEI approved by WIKA

Klingenberg, August 2012.

WIKA has signed the Code of Conduct of the Central Association for Electrical and Electronic Industry (ZVEI). 140 companies are already party to this code on social responsibility.

The commitment, to comply with certain ethical standards and for socially-responsible business management, in the increasingly globalised economy, is regarded as a prerequisite for business cooperation. In choosing a code of conduct, WIKA has opted for a guideline with broad acceptance. The contents of the ZVEI code lays down what has long been standard practice for the WIKA management. The signatories of the Code include a number of WIKA's customers and suppliers.

The principles listed in the Code of Conduct, such as the rejection of corruption and child labour, compliance with certain labour standards and an environmental responsibility, apply for all WIKA subsidiaries and business units, worldwide. Suppliers shall also, gradually, become bound to this code, as far as this has not already happened.

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To the current Code of Conduct of WIKA

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