Together into future markets: Joint venture for haptic sensors

With a joint venture, the measurement technology manufacturer WIKA and the mechatronics group Wittenstein want to open up the future market of haptic sensors. The aim of the joint venture, Resense, is the development, production and marketing of miniaturised six-axis force-torque sensors for industry.

WIKA is participating in the joint venture with its extensive expertise in the high-tech production of sensor and chip components. The latest silicon bonding technology comes to the fore here.

Wittenstein is contributing with its patented concept, with which the smallest six-axis hollow-shaft sensors currently available can be realised. This innovation enables high-precision measurement of forces and torques in the tight installation environments of robotics.

Both companies each hold 50 percent of the shares in the new Resense GmbH. The company headquarters are in Klingenberg am Main, location of the WIKA headquarters.

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