Digital pressure gauge for use in mobile service applications

The model CPG1200 digital pressure gauge enables convenient and flexible setting of operating pressures, readjusting pressure switches and carrying out pressure monitoring – for example leak testing during transport.

The battery-operated CPG1200 has been designed specifically for use in mobile applications. Thanks to the durable plastic case and optional protective case cap, the instrument is robust and easily withstands vibrations and shocks in use.

The proven measurement technology covers all common ranges up to -1 ... 1,000 bar [-14.5 … 15,000 psi] (gauge pressure) with an accuracy of down to 0.25 % FS. Depending on requirements, the measuring rate can be set to 1, 3, 4 or 10 measurements per second.

The CPG1200 also has an energy-saving mode. In practice, operating times of up to 4,000 hours are possible without changing the battery. A data logger for up to 1 million data points can be integrated as an option. The stored measured data is read via the integrated USB interface, which also supplies the instrument with power. Alternatively, the values can also be transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth®.

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