New diaphragm seal for process temperatures up to 450 °C

Klingenberg, March 2022.
WIKA has tailored a new diaphragm seal to applications with very hot media. Model 990.45 is suitable for temperatures up to 450 °C.

The high-temperature diaphragm seal is used in refineries, among other places, to enable precise measurement even at high process temperatures. It is combined with a capillary and a standard measuring instrument, without any additional cooling element, to form a measuring system. Its lower body, including flange connection, is made of a single piece, which minimises the risk of leakage. Customer-specific sealings simplify the connection of the diaphragm seal to the respective process.

The new instrument can be fitted with fixtures for a lifting aid. Thus, it can be moved and installed effortlessly. A flushing connection integrated in the lower body also enables the diaphragm seal to be cleaned without having to take it apart first.

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