WIKA – Flood donation 2021

Klingenberg, August 2021

The devastating floods in Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia and other parts of Germany have brought indescribable suffering to the country. Clean-up operations are still dominating the daily lives of many people affected, and aid organisations are providing the most basic necessities to those affected on the ground.

At the suggestion of numerous employees, the decision was made that WIKA and the workforce would make a contribution to support the affected fellow citizens.

Until the beginning of August, employees were able to pay overtime hours and gross payments into a donation account. This way, a donation amount of € 112,000 was reached.

The company then added another € 100,000 to this amount, so that WIKA transferred a total of € 212,000 to the two aid organisations “Aktion Deutschland hilft” and “Bürgerstiftung Berchtesgadener Land”.

We would like to thank all employees, fellow citizens and all helpers for their commitment during this difficult time.

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