Pressure switches

Pressure switches by WIKA

Pressure switches are used in a variety of industrial and technical processes for pressure monitoring. If a preset pressure is reached, a pressure switch opens or closes a respective switch contact. Depending on the requirements, mechanical or electronic pressure switches can be used.

In WIKA's broad product range, you will find the right pressure switch for every application:

What is a mechanical pressure switch?

If, with a mechanical pressure switch, the defined pressure is reached and the switch is actuated, the switch will send an electrical signal. For this, it needs no supply voltage. The resulting reliability is one of the advantages of mechanical pressure switches.

WIKA pressure switches are fitted with high-quality microswitches. They feature high long-term stability and precision. Even the switching of electrical loads up to 15 A/220 V is possible without problems with a mechanical pressure switch from WIKA.

For the switching of very low voltages, such as those used in PLCs, WIKA offers argon-gas-filled microswitches with gold-plated contacts. Electronic pressure switches are also very well suited for low-power switching.

When does one use a WIKA explosion-protected mechanical pressure switch?

For operation in hazardous areas of process engineering, WIKA mechanical pressure switches are available in Ex ia or Ex d versions. The Ex d-approved switches are available in epoxy-resin-coated cases made from copper-free aluminium.

What is an electronic pressure switch?

An electronic pressure switch is based on an electronic pressure sensor. Along with the electrical switching signal, many electronic pressure switches offer an additional analogue signal proportional to the pressure. Thus, not only is it identified whether the defined switch point has been reached, but the actual measured pressure is transmitted. Electronic pressure switches often feature a display from which the measured value of the pressure can be read, while flexible settings and programming are also possible. Switch points, output signal, delay time, hysteresis and many other parameters can be individually adjusted to suit the application. Learn even more about electronic pressure switches in the WIKA blog post "What is an electronic pressure switch?".

The successful design as well as the excellent functionality of the WIKA pressure switches were already confirmed by winning the “iF product design award 2009” for the model PSD-30. As a comprehensive further development with additional functions, the model PSD-4 electronic pressure switch is also notable.


What is meant by switching function?

Under switching function, we mean the opening or closing of an electrical circuit. Normally-closed contacts (NC, denoted by a 2) interrupt a circuit on rising pressure (clockwise); normally-open contacts (NO, denoted by a 1) close a circuit on risi ...