Pressure sensor

Pressure sensors by WIKA

A pressure sensor converts the physical quantity 'pressure' into an industry-standard signal. It offers a standardised interface and frequently is also referred to as a pressure transmitter or process transmitter.

What different types of pressure sensor are available from WIKA?

You can have a WIKA pressure sensor in numerous variants: Around 176 measuring ranges are available from 25 mbar to 15,000 bar in the main international units, as gauge pressure, absolute pressure and vacuum, but also as +/- ranges. We have over 14 output signals in our portfolio, including a number of current and voltage signals, and RS-232 and bus signals. Different connectors and various cables can be selected from the 18 electrical connections. In a selection of 34 pressure connections, you'll be able to find internationally established thread types and also flush connections. Furthermore, an infinite number of options complete our broad spectrum of pressure sensors. Among these, you will find various accuracies, pressure-spike damping, designs for special media and special ambient conditions, and much more.

How does one select the right pressure sensor?

You can find the appropriate pressure sensor yourself from the categories below.

We are happy to advise you in your customer-specific selection and can examine individual solutions for you.

Which pressure sensors are suitable for industrial applications?

In the WIKA portfolio you will find a selection of pressure sensors for general industrial applications. These are available in numerous internationally established designs:

  • numerous gauge, absolute and vacuum measuring ranges
  • accuracies of up to 0.125 % BFSL
  • standard signals for current and voltage, e.g. 4 … 20 mA and 0 … 10 V
  • various plug and cable versions
  • all internationally established pressure connections

The model A-10 is the most-used pressure sensor in industrial applications. The S-20 premium pressure sensor has been designed for critical, high-level and harsh operating conditions. In high quantities, the O-10 offers the optimal solution.

WIKA pressure sensors with special features

Which pressure sensor is suitable for high pressure and which for low pressure?

With highly dynamic pressures to 15,000 bar, the model HP-2 is used, while the A-10 pressure sensor is suitable for the smallest of measuring ranges to 0 ... 50 mbar.

Which pressure sensors are suitable for the highest accuracy?

For the highest accuracy applications, the P-30 pressure sensor offers an accuracy of down to 0.05 % (full scale).

Which WIKA pressure sensors have digital output signals?

  • USB interface: Pressure sensor P-30
  • Switching output: Pressure switch PSD-4

WIKA pressure sensor with higher IP ingress protection

Even for the harshest of conditions and loads, WIKA can offer the appropriate electrical connection, such as the LF-1 submersible pressure sensor for permanent immersion in liquids or the S-20 pressure sensor with field case.

Pressure sensors with flush process connections

The S-11 pressure sensor with flush process connection has been developed specifically for the measurement of highly viscous and crystallising media.

Ex approvals

For applications in hazardous areas with ignition protection type “intrinsically safe” the IS-3 is recommended. The ignition protection type “explosion-protected” is met by the E-10.

Pressure sensor for selected markets

Markets such as mobile hydraulics or refrigeration and air-conditioning applications place special requirements on pressure measuring instruments. For these, you will also find the appropriate instrument at WIKA:

Which pressure sensors are used in refrigeration and air-conditioning applications?

Our pressure sensors for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems have exceptional resistance to most refrigerants. For the highest loads, the model R-1 pressure sensor is recommended. For its stainless steel design with a monolithic construction removes the need for using seals on the process side.

Which pressure sensors are used in mobile hydraulics?

Durable and robust are the hallmarks of pressure sensors for mobile hydraulics. Shock and vibration resistance, pressure-spike resistance (CDS system) and an ingress protection of up to IP69K make the model MH-3 pressure transmitter especially qualified for the harsh operating conditions in mobile hydraulics.

Which WIKA pressure sensors are suitable for medical gases?

The model MG-1 pressure sensor has been developed specifically for the pressure measurement of medical gases and for oxygen applications. In line with international directives, different levels of cleanliness, different packaging and different instrument markings are available.

Which pressure sensors are suitable for compressors?

The high demands that are placed on the robustness of a pressure sensor, for example in filter monitoring in screw, piston and turbo compressors, are fulfilled without a problem by the model O-10. This pressure transmitter features a high vibration resistance and wetted parts that are suited to compressed air and lubricating oil.

Which WIKA pressure sensors are used in sanitary applications?

The design of pressure sensors is faced with particular challenges in sanitary applications for food processing, beverage production, biotechnological processes as well as the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The model SA-11 pressure transmitter is particularly suitable for the special conditions of CIP/SIP cleaning processes, such as chemical stability towards cleaning liquids and high temperatures.


Can you switch between 4 ... 20 mA and 0 ... 10 V?

No, the output signal is defined in the order and cannot be changed.