Pressure measuring instrument

Pressure measuring instruments by WIKA

By pressure measuring instrument, we mean an instrument for the measurement of pressure in gases and liquids. Here, we differentiate between mechanical (pressure gauges) electronic and mechatronic pressure measuring instruments. WIKA has over 60 years experience in the manufacture of pressure measuring instruments. Benefit from our know-how and find the right pressure measuring instrument for your measuring requirement:

Electronic pressure measuring instruments

The basis for electronic pressure measuring instruments is formed by the pressure sensor. It converts the measurement parameter of pressure into an electronic signal. The advantage of electronic pressure measuring instruments lies in the excellent dynamic performance and the low material stress. This gives them a high load resistance and long-term stability. They are available in very small sizes.

WIKA develops and produces all leading sensor technologies: ceramic thick film, metal thin film and piezoresistive.

Mechatronic pressure measuring instruments

Electronic assemblies or components are integrated into mechanical pressure measuring instruments. The measured pressure is displayed locally, however, in addition, the pressure measuring instrument offers an electrical signal or includes an electrical switching function. With these instruments, the measured value can also be read reliably on-site if the power supply fails or the measuring signal is disrupted.

With the combination of mechanical measuring instruments with different signals and switches, this results in a comprehensive range of mechatronic pressure measuring instruments. For our pressure measuring instruments we use the latest sensor technologies, tested millions of times over in automotive applications. They work without any kind of mechanical contact, consequently they are wear-resistant, and there's absolutely no influence on the pressure measuring instrument.

Mechanical pressure measuring instruments

Because of their robustness and simple handling, indicating pressure measuring instruments are widely used. Their elastic pressure elements deform under the influence of pressure. The measuring system is made from a capsule element, diaphragm element or Bourdon tube. The measuring systems are made from copper alloys, alloyed steels or, if required for specific measuring tasks, from special materials. WIKA manufactures mechanical pressure measuring instruments with scale ranges from 0 … 0.5 mbar up to 0 … 7,000 bar with indication accuracies of up to 0.1 %. For pressure measurement with high dynamic pressure loads or vibration, you will find mechanical pressure measuring instruments with liquid filling in the WIKA portfolio. Through their dampening, they are optimally protected against destruction.

Diaphragm seals

Even for the most demanding measuring requirements, you'll find the right solution with WIKA. Diaphragm seals enable pressure measurement with harsh conditions such as, for example, corrosive, highly viscous or fibrous media, very high temperatures, awkwardly placed measuring locations, hygienic regulations or also toxic media or media harmful to the environment.


What are the "little yellow levers" on the pressure gauge casing for?

Pressure gauges for pressure ranges under 363 psi (25 bar) generally have a filling plug with small levers. These yellow levers are closed on delivery, and must be opened on fitting, in order to prevent any possible pressure build-up in the case. Thi ... More ...