Digitisation through image recognition

Scan. Smart. Share.

WIKA, together with a specialist in image recognition and data acquisition, has succeeded in delivering analogue pointer measuring instruments into the world of IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things). With WIKA, it is now possible, for the first time, to “digitise” analogue measuring instrument values with the WIKA image recognition app.
We have often encountered image recognition in everyday life. For example, many people use facial recognition to unlock their smartphone. Also, scanning QR codes to access a link, business card address or other information is part of everyday life. The WIKA image recognition app is based on this technology.

You need

  • the WIKA image recognition app
  • a smartphone with iOS operating system (Android also available soon)
  • a WIKA measuring instrument with QR code in nominal size 63 (other sizes on request)

The WIKA image recognition app offers

  • Calculation of operating time remaining
  • Usage statistics
  • Warning notices
  • Customer-specific functions

  • Article number and description
  • Data sheet and operating instructions
  • Certificates/Approvals
  • Individual support

  • Documentation
  • Timestamp
  • Photo as proof
  • Location
  • Catalogued customer-specifically


Do you want to read your analogue measuring instruments in a digitised format in the future?

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Would you like to document, analyse and process on-site and on the spot?

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Do you want to transfer the collected data quickly and easily to your cloud or databases?

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