EMICOgauge: Emission control gauge

Instrument hook-up with instrumentation valves


The EMICOgauge instrument hook-up, consisting of pressure gauge and instrumentation valve, minimises the number of leakage points and thus reduces the risk of media escaping into the environment.

During mounting, the 360° swivel connection enables quick alignment of the pressure gauge with simultaneous pressure sealing. With this design, maintenance and dismounting of the pressure gauge and valve are also easy. WIKA can guarantee the leak tightness of the assembly for up to 20 mounting and dismounting operations.

The possible combinations of pressure gauges and the attachable valve models IV1x, IV2x and IVM are very large. Since special pressure connections are often required for specific applications, a large number of variants have been defined for the EMICOgauge in order to avoid adapters, which would otherwise be needed, with their two additional sealing points.


  • Significantly reduced risk of fugitive emissions, since the version for “fugitive emissions” complies with TA-Luft
  • Fully tested and ready-to-install solution of an instrument-valve assembly
  • Reduction of leakage paths in pressurised systems
  • 360° swivel connection (swivel adapter) enables easy replacement and positioning of pressure gauges
  • For various applications in chemical and petrochemical plants such as gas processing and production

Special pressure sealing

The redundant sealing, with metal/metal seat and O-ring plus backup sealing ring, ensures the required leak tightness of the measuring assembly in addition to a long service life.