Calibration laboratory

DAkkS accreditation no. D-K-15105-01-00

The WIKA calibration laboratory is accredited by the German Accreditation Body (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle - DAkkS) in accordance with DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 for the measurands temperature, pressure, DC current, DC voltage and DC resistance.


Calibration laboratory for temperature

In our calibration laboratory for temperature we calibrate measuring instruments in the measuring range from -196 °C … +1,200 °C with accuracies of 2 mK … 1.5 K, depending on the temperature and procedure. Our calibration laboratory is equipped with the widest range of standard resistance thermometers, thermocouples, temperature fixed reference points, calibration baths and a tube furnace. For each calibration task the most suitable instrument is available.


Calibration laboratory for force

In our calibration laboratory for the measurand force, we calibrate measuring instruments in the measuring range of 1 kN … 200 kN with a measurement uncertainty of 0.1 % in tension and compression force directions in accordance with DIN EN ISO 376.
In addition, we carry out calibrations of measuring instruments in the range of 500 N ... 6 MN with a system accuracy of 0.5 % in the direction of tension and compression force.

In the WIKA calibration laboratory, we calibrate and adjust, independently of the manufacturer. To ensure measurement certainty and precision, regular calibration of force transducers, load cells and compression force transducers in a calibration cycle of 1 year is recommended.


Calibration laboratory for pressure

In our calibration laboratory for pressure we calibrate measuring instruments in the measuring range from -1 bar … +8,000 bar with accuracies of 0.003 % … 0.01 % of reading, depending on the pressure range. For the calibration, in our calibration laboratory, we only ever use high-accuracy references such as dead-weight testers and pressure controllers. The equipment level in our calibration laboratory is completed with the latest WIKA-Cal calibration software.


Calibration laboratory for current, voltage and resistance

In our calibration laboratory for electrical measurement parameters we calibrate DC current in the measuring range from 0 mA … 100 mA, DC voltage from 0 V … 100 V and DC resistance from 0 Ω … 10 kΩ. For DKD/DAkkS calibration we use high-precision process calibrators.


Calibration laboratory for length

In our calibration laboratory for the measurand of length, we calibrate your measuring test equipment, which outputs the actual value, as well as reference gauges.

With us, you get the service and replacement equipment from a single source. For this, we guarantee a fast turnaround time, so that the absence of your test equipment is as short as possible.


Mobile calibration laboratory

In our mobile calibration laboratory too, we can carry out DKD/DAkkS calibrations for pressure and factory calibrations for temperature. Each of the three calibration vans is equipped with a calibration and repair work station, an adjustment rig and also a PC work station with printer, so that certificates can be produced directly on-site.