Internal leak tightness


What does internal leak tightness mean for measuring instruments?

For measuring instruments, the internal leak tightness refers to the sealing against external influences. It is particularly important for measuring instruments for liquids or gases, such as pressure measuring instruments, flow meters or temperature sensors. If the internal leak tightness cannot be guaranteed, leaks will occur which affect the reliability of the measurements.

How is internal leak tightness ensured?

Leaks can be prevented with the help of special test methods, such as helium testing. A high degree of accuracy can also be guaranteed through the calibration of the measuring instruments.

What does the leak tightness of a measuring instrument depend on?

How leak-tight a measuring instrument needs to be depends on the application and its conditions. They provide the specifications for the permissible leakage rate, the pressure level and the leak detection methods.

How does WIKA ensure the leak tightness of measuring instruments?

Depending on the application and process medium, WIKA can offer several solutions to ensure the desired internal leak tightness. They range from waterproof versions for standard applications to gas-tight versions to avoid fugitive emissions. In addition to individual products such as instrumentation valves and pressure gauges, there are also ready-to-install solutions that are also gas-tight and tested in accordance with the relevant industry standards.