Engineered solutions – Force

Your requirement – Our solution

For you, fast time-to-market, precision and also security of investment and reliability are important: Whether in port logistics, machine building, cranes and lifting gear, medical or agricultural engineering or in another application area? Reliable force measurement by WIKA is a decisive factor. We have the right solution – or we will develop it together with you.

Special requests are 'business as usual' for our engineers

When it comes to individual requirements for force measurement, we develop the appropriate solutions in conjunction with you. For the optimal geometry and the perfect positioning of the force sensor, we employ the finite element method (FEM). With this, the design data are evaluated and real situations simulated. Our manufacturing lines are also designed for prototypes, special geometries and small batches.

Individual solutions require extensive knowledge of the technologies, procedures and processes of the application. Our claim is this: From force sensors as ancillary components to “intelligent” assemblies with optimally integrated force measurement solutions. For this, we implement thin-film sensors in any component geometry specified or to be developed by us. In the first instance, we analyse, together with you, all requirements – where necessary, on-site. We define core characteristics, analyse mounting and operating conditions and often already develop initial solutions at this stage. Our engineering team will accompany you from the selection of the optimal solution, through the testing and any certification required, right up to the transition to production. High personal commitment and competence are a matter of course for us.

Talk to us – we are happy to provide you with advice!