Based on your needs and requirements WIKA compiles electronic catalogues for you. Online catalogues as well as static catalogues are supported in various standard formats.

Online product catalogues

In our WIKA Customer Portal, you can download a dynamic, web-based product catalogue via the “Enterprise Connector”. After activating the functionality, different standard formats are available for you at any time. This catalogue contains, beside the usual product information (such as product text and price), also the possibility to set up and specify your specific output requests by yourself.

In addition to many further details that are available in our online catalogue, we also provide standardised interfaces - in OCI/XML format – for your computer system, that you can set up and configure yourself. Hereby you can enrich your system with up-to-date master data to build up the foundation for an optimal automated ordering process. Alternatively, we can of course also process your orders in our ERP system directly from the shopping cart.

Static product catalogues

Customised to your requirements, we provide you with an electronic catalogue in different standard formats. Your personalised catalogue includes multimedia elements as well as additional required data fields.


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