Digital pressure gauges

High-quality digital pressure gauges from WIKA

A digital pressure gauge displays the acting pressure in an integrated digital display. WIKA offers digital pressure gauges for general industrial applications and also for use in the field of testing and calibration. The indication cases of our digital pressure gauges are rotatable if required and thus always ensure a good readability. In addition, intrinsically safe versions and instruments with wireless interface are available.

What is a digital pressure gauge?

Digital pressure gauges are used to measure and display pressures. They can be operated both fixed and mobile and show the measured values on an integrated display. The reading is simple, direct and precise. Due to their high accuracy, digital pressure gauges are often used in calibration services and cover different measuring ranges. For example, the model CPG1500 is suitable for applications up to 10,000 bar.

What is a digital pressure gauge with data logger?

In the case of digital pressure gauges with an integrated data logger, the frequency of the measured values recorded can be set individually. Up to 50 readings per second are possible.

Where are digital pressure measuring instruments used?

Digital pressure gauges are used to measure both gauge and absolute pressure and their areas of application are diverse - in measurement and control workshops, for quality assurance or for simple on-site calibration. For maintenance and service work, WIKA offers various test cases, for example model DTK1X00 incl. digital pressure gauge model CPG1200 or CPG1500.

In which industries are digital pressure gauges used?

Digital pressure gauges are used in the following industries:

  • In the automotive industry, e.g. for measuring tyre pressure
  • In the aerospace industry, e.g. for pressure testing in aircraft cabins
  • In the oil and gas industry, e.g. for pressure measurement in pumps and pipelines
  • In the maintenance and service industries, e.g. for calibrating measuring instruments directly on-site
  • In medical engineering, e.g. for measuring blood pressure

What are the advantages of a digital pressure gauge?

Digital pressure gauges feature a particularly high level of accuracy and, in comparison to analogue pressure gauges, can be read very easily and precisely thanks to the digital display of the measured values. Since the measuring element cannot deform in the event of overpressure, digital pressure gauges are also more durable than analogue pressure gauges.

Which selection criteria should be considered when choosing the right digital pressure gauge?

When choosing the right digital pressure gauge, there are various selection criteria to consider:

  • Accuracy class: The accuracy class indicates the maximum permissible deviation of a measured value from the real value in percent.
    Example: If the measuring range is 0 to 100 bar with an accuracy class of 1 %, a deviation of 1 bar is within the permissible range.
  • Type of display: With digital pressure gauges, a distinction is made between LED or LCD as the type of display.
  • Pressure range: Depending on the application, the appropriate pressure range must be selected. In order to obtain the most accurate measured values possible, the measured value must not be too large, but also not too small.
  • Output signal: The multi-functional WIKA intelliGAUGE® combines the analogue indication of a mechanical pressure gauge with the electrical output signal of a pressure transmitter. These hybrid instruments are available with all commonly used electrical signals.
  • Area of application: Depending on the area of application, care must be taken to ensure that a pressure gauge is protected from chemical influences, for example, or is protected from the weather when used outdoors. The IP ingress protection provides information about the influences the product can withstand. It is also crucial whether the digital pressure gauge is operated as a mobile or fixed instrument.
  • Units: Most digital pressure gauges can be set to display the unit in bar, mbar or psi, for example. The user no longer needs to make error-prone conversions.
  • Measuring speed: The right measuring speed can be decisive for an effective analysis of measuring locations. The measuring rate indicates how many measurements are carried out per second.
  • Certification: If required, a DAkkS calibration certificate can be issued that certifies the accuracy. Certification is possible in the WIKA calibration laboratory, which is accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) in accordance with DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025.

What functions does a digital pressure gauge have?

The model CPG1500 digital pressure gauge shows the pressure digitally on a display. In addition, an increase in pressure is shown on the display with a bar graph. The WIKA digital pressure gauge is controlled via 4 buttons. The digital pressure gauge with data logger can be configured quickly and easily via the Bluetooth® connection and the “myWKA device” app. The voltage supply of the model CPG1500 digital pressure gauge is ensured by three AA alkaline batteries, which enables an operating time of 2,000 hours in continuous operation. The WIKA digital pressure gauge is fitted with WIKA-Wireless for wireless data transmission. The CPG1500 is available with all the threaded connections common in the industry.


How do I get the WIKA Build ID?

In most cases, the WIKA Build ID is available on request. The ID can be requested in all accessible online configurators. The ID can be created in the “Configuration” tab using “Share Configuration”.

What is the WIKA Build ID?

The WIKA Build ID is a unique seven-digit code that temporarily saves an individual WIKA instrument configuration. The WIKA configuration can be saved, shared and used later using the Build ID.