Air flow sensors

Precise air flow sensors and air flow meters from WIKA

Air flow sensors and air flow meters are suitable for the measurement and control of air flows in ventilation and air-conditioning. Air flow sensors are easy to install and measure the total pressure, the static pressure of the air flow and the average air velocity. In combination with the model A2G-100 PID controller, the user has efficient volume flow control of the ventilation or air-conditioning system.

The air flow meters of the model A2G-25 determine the volume flow using a configurable fan constant (K factor) for all common manufacturers. The electrical output signals of 0 ... 10 V or 4 ... 20 mA can be selected directly in the instrument using jumpers.


How do I get the WIKA Build ID?

In most cases, the WIKA Build ID is available on request. The ID can be requested in all accessible online configurators. The ID can be created in the “Configuration” tab using “Share Configuration”.

What is the function of ventilation and air-conditioning measuring instruments?

Measuring instruments for ventilation and air-conditioning can indicate any excessive pressure loss due to dirty filters, enable the control of the correct operating state and prevent frost damage to the heat exchangers. In addition, they can be us ...


What benefit does the WIKA Build ID have?

With the ID, the respective planning can be called up again at any time, changed or, in the event of support, further processed and ordered with a WIKA employee. Sharing a configuration is also easier than ever before.