In the area of industrial applications, WIKA provides absolute reliability with a comprehensive product portfolio. For example, our instruments are used in machine tools, pumps, compressors, air-conditioning systems, pressure vessels, in mobile hydraulics and also in gas distribution systems.

First-class performance for industrial applications

The requirements are diverse and demanding. Depending on the industry, various parameters as well as different standards and directives must be considered.

Here we offer many years of experience and comprehensive expertise. In addition to our wide range of products and as a result of our research and development, we are continually designing new products and combinations of instruments. As a reliable OEM partner, we develop individual solutions together with our customers. Our technical knowledge and high-tech production facilities enable the production of high volumes at competitive prices with short lead times.

We support companies in general machine building with industry-specific instrumentation solutions for pressure, temperature, level, flow and force measurement. With WIKA you can always rely on the highest quality and flexibility, fair prices and reliable delivery